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Yes, as a teacher you can locate a student's username and change their password.  For security purposes, all passwords must be reset. 

Go to the TAFE NSW Staff Portal  and select EMU - Educational Management Utility link (this allows authorised teachers and staff members to reset student passwords). 

Select User Management, you must select the Campus the student is enrolled at, then search for the student's record using their last name, first name or student number

From the list of students, select the correct student by clicking on the radio button next to their name. Check the address before continuing. 

Select the Reset Pwd button. The student can then reset their own password.  Remember that a password must be a minimum of 6 characters and will expire in 90 days and may take up to 30 minutes to work.  At this point, teachers could encourage students to log onto the TAFE student portal, to create a secret question and answer and manage their own password from there.

TAFE password policy

Passwords are case sensitive
Minimum length is 6 characters
Maximum length is 32 characters
Mixed cases are allowed and encouraged
Alphanumerics are allowed and encouraged
Special keyboard characters are allowed EXCEPT for double quotation marks, ", and the 'at' symbol, @
Nulls/blanks are not allowed

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